Turnkey Consultancy Services

Turnkey Consultancy Services


 1. Preliminary Functional Design and BOQ

 Scope of Work:

  • Understanding and analyzing the client’s educational needs along with the available spaces and budgets allocated for the project.

  • Drawing the preliminary functional design on a 2D rendered layout.

  • Generating a BOQ for AV/IT infrastructure, Medical simulators and Medical equipment and furniture.

  • Issue an up-to-date budgetary study based on the approved BOQ


2. Operation and Training

 Scope of Work:



  • Operational training for the center management system

  • Operational training for the human patient simulators


Human Resources (HR) consultancy:

  • Job descriptions, organizational Chart, HR volume

  • HR training and development to be determined

  • Curriculum and educational strategy development



  • Operation of simulation activities

  • Support and maintenance


3. Simulator Maintenance and Repair


State of the art workshops in Dubai, Qatar and Lebanon with factory trained service engineers for all our partners.

We aim to reduce shipping and customs clearing cost back to Europe and USA and to cut down the time lapse of repair without jeopardizing the quality and reliability of repair service.


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