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Consultancy Services
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Turnkey Consultancy Services  
Phase 1: Preliminary Functional Design and BOQ
Scope of Work:
  • Understanding and analyzing the client’s educational needs along with the available spaces and
budgets allocated for the project.
  • Drawing the preliminary functional design on a 2D rendered layout.
  • Generating a BOQ for AV/IT infrastructure, Medical simulators and Medical equipment and 
  • Issue an up-to-date budgetary study based on the approved BOQ

Phase 2: Detailed Design Phase 

Scope of work: 

Detailed Drawings include the following:

1. AV diagram drawings, Reflected Ceiling Plans (Camera, Microphone and speaker positioning)

2. Design considerations specific to simulation in HealthCare Education:

  • Camera/microphone placement based on desired simulation learning outcomes
  • Simulator control methodology and options
  • Simulator integration (the controller and vital signs monitor)
  • Medical device capture (EMR, patient monitor, ultrasound, c-mac)
  • Center management and operational flow
  • Capture and Learning Management technology recommendations
  • Simulator and simulation workstation networking and placement on the layout
  • Medical Equipment and Medical furniture placement on the layout

3. Wall Elevations (Placement of Monitor Screens, IT, Power Plugs and overheads (medical


4. Floor Layout (Medical Furniture and equipment, simulators, simulation control computers and

power plugs)

5. Narrative Design to detail the features of the center educational functionality

Design documents will include:

  • AV + Client Furnished Equipment (CFE) Budgetary Estimate for the management system
  • Equipment list recommendation (make + model)
  • AV line diagrams for each space and the overall system
  • AV RCP, and floor plans

Design documents specifically exclude:

  • Installation detail drawings
  • Medical equipment drawings
  • IT/Telecommunications documentation outside of that required for the simulation systems
  • Any edits of existing architectural drawings outside of AV equipment placement
  • Edits of existing title blocks outside of that pertaining to the drawings produced by SimuLead
  • Local project and code coordination outside of the AV scope.

Phase 3: Implementation and Supervision 

Scope of work:

  • Monitoring and coordination with the assigned contractors on-site
  • Ensuring installation meets the approval design
  • Preliminary testing of system functionality
  • Reporting of work progress with the client

Phase 4: Go-live support and Operation for 3 months

2 experts on-site:

  • 1 Clinical Simulation Educator
  • 1 Simulation Technologist

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